Jason Borne is Insurgent AF… and he is coming for you in your sleep

Everyone knows Jason Borne. He’s that CIA operative who fell off a boat, lost his memory, and then decided to kill a bunch of bad dudes. Yes, that Jason Borne. Well today I got to meet Jason. And I lived to tell about it. And he wanted me to send you this message: he is coming for you. In your f-ing sleep.

Ok. So he may not be that Jason Borne. Now that I think about it, he is more baddass (baddasser?) than that Jason Borne anyway. That Jason Borne spells his name wrong (Bourne? Pffft. Please. There is no ‘u’ in Borne). That Jason Borne was never a Marine infantryman. That Jason Borne was never a cop. Oh, and that Jason Borne isn’t real. This Jason Borne, the one I know and am about to introduce you to, is 100% real and 100% insurgent AF. As a matter of fact, I think I have a little bit of a man-crush.

The dude is stacked and a PT stud. Like python arms stacked. He’s got a glorious beard. He’s got sweet moto-tats crawling down his arms(see FunFact #1). He’s tall and dark and handsome. He is what I, when I’ve had a couple too many and am feeling a bit too confident, imagine myself to look like. But he actually looks like it.

And I once heard a girl describe him as “hot AF”. The best I’ve ever gotten was “adorable”. Like, teddy bear on the shelf adorable? Like kitten adorable? Like awwwwwwe, it’s so cute, adorable?

Dammit. Now that I think about it, I hate you Jason Borne. I hate you.

I imagine that if Jason Borne rolled into a bar and screamed, “Hey girls, come with me,” all of them would drop their drinks and follow him out of the door. Because he’s Jason Borne. It’s lucky for all of us dudes that Jason Borne is married. We can all breathe a little sigh of relief. Thank you Mrs. Jason Borne! Thank you!

You know the worst part about Jason Borne? The thing that really grinds my gears. He is like… probably one of the nicest dudes on this planet. And giving. And has a heart bigger than his biceps. He calls himself an asshole but actions speak. One of my favorite stories about Jason Borne was the time he and another cop bought a kid new tires. And then started a GoFundMe to raise money to help the kid fix his car. Yeah. That happened. And it made the news (link).

Can you imagine this shit? He’s got the coolest name in the world, looks like Adonis in the flesh, is a proven f-ing warrior, and he is good person. It’s just not fair.

But that’s not all folks, there’s more.


That’s right. More!

Brace yourself. Jason Borne is the founder of a successful supplement company: Millecor. I mean it would have to be workout supplements, right? I mean his name is Jason Borne. He would have to do supplements or a highly profitable one-man black-ops gig that travels the world and kills bad guys. Those are pretty much the only two options. But travel does get so boring after a while; and how many times does one HALO-drop (FF#2) into Pyongyang or Tehran before one thinks, oh great, we’re in Pyongyang or Tehran… again. Whatevs. Pyongyang was like, so 2017. You know? So supplements.

OK, you’re name is Jason Borne, and you decide to sell supplements on-line. Dustin imagines: create website. Boom. Sell supplements. Bam. Roll in dollars bills. Yeah. And it all happens over the course of 3 days. Because starting an e-commerce business is easy, right? Boom-Bam-Yeah.

Oh no.

Here’s the true Millecor story: Jason Borne has been working his ass off as a cop for years. He’s burnt out on police work and overtime. So he starts a side hustle of web design. One of his clients, a veteran, has a business that contributes 10% of profits to vet charities. Jason thinks that is baddass. Jason wants to start a business and make it rain. Jason works out a lot because he has an assassin’s body to maintain. Ergo, Jason chooses to sell supplements online. Jason goes deep into debt to start the company. Months go by. Jason is getting desperate because revenue is not keeping pace with expenses. Jason hustles. He fights. Because he’s a warrior, and that is what warriors do. And one day he reaches out to Chris Fisher from the cop Facebook page “Survive the Streets: A Page for Cops“. Chris responds. Says I’ll give your supplements an honest review and, no, you can’t give me money for it. Because cops do two things: 1. We take care of each other and, 2. We refuse to be paid to blow sunshine up people’s asses about shitty supplements.

Chris wrote a positive review about Millecor. The next thing Jason knows, sales spike and Millecor is cash flow positive. And it has been ever since. So that is the down and dirty of Millecor. But that’s not the heart of Millecor; that’s not the essence.

To understand how Jason started Millecor, you have to understand what drives him. What motivates him. And, believe it or not, it’s not a deadly sense of vengeance against the CIA. What motivates Jason Borne is giving back.

Oh God. This is is starting to sound super cheesy. I know. I write it and think, oh, it’s one of those articles. But when you sit down with the dude over a couple a’ sammiches, and he’s telling you his story, and he’s got mustard on his beard and passion in his eyes, you just can’t help but believe it. This guy started his f-ing business not to roll in the dough but because he wanted to contribute his profits to charity! He even started approaching charities before his website was launched and before a single dollar was earned. WTF? That’s ballsy. That’s Insurgent AF. There’s a man who knows he’s gonna change the world.

Matter of fact he already changed it a little years before Millecor was even a thought: he started a charity at the height of the Iraq/ Afghanistan wars. It was a website dedicated to sending care packages to troops overseas.

Boys and girls, Jason Borne isn’t just a world class assassin and supplement salesman; the man is the Borne Philanthropist (see what I did there). Jason MF-ing Borne gave 20% of his 2017 profits to charity. Damn that’s cool.

Baddass Jason Borne quotes:  “When businesses say ‘a portion of proceeds’, it’s conveniently vague. So what does ‘portion of proceeds’ even mean? It’s convenient because it sounds good for them to say. But when you actually look at pen on paper, looked at how much they really made at the end of the year and looked at their contributions, it ain’t shit.”

“Giving back for a lot of businesses is an afterthought. It’s something their accountant says they should do to bring down their taxable income. But for Millecor, giving back is the reason that it was created.”

Now your humble author starts to question his own motivations: I’ve got this shit all wrong. Then I remember that Ted talk with the guy in the glasses and his circle diagram. You gotta start with the why. Not the what. And giving back is Jason Borne’s why. And he’s successful. So I guess he kinda makes the point. And he never even watched the Ted talk or read the book. He just did it.

BTW, Jason Borne says ‘Your Welcome’, Simon Sinek. Be appreciative or be afraid.

According to Jason, Millecor would be nothing if it wasn’t a for-profit philanthropy first. Because people see right through BS. Especially his target market. Vets and cops can smell smarmy, self-aggrandizing corporate bullshit (say that 5 times fast) from a mile away. And he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to compete with the big supplement companies just because he makes a baddass supplement. But he could compete based on the fact that he gives a big chunk of profit to charities that support veterans and cops. His entire business model is not to sell just supplements; Millecor sells support to vets and cops. According to Jason, “If money can fix it, it’s not a problem. Let me try and fix the problem.” Veterans and cops love that shit.

For all those reading who need inspiration. For those who read this blog because they are looking for the courage to break out. Here it is: Jason started his side hustle tired of the grind. He busted his ass. Three years in and he’s not only making it but crushing it. So a few months ago, when Jason decided it was time to hang up the Austin PD uniform (guess why City Council), it was easy. Now Jason Borne has plenty of time for Millecor, his family, philanthropy, and all those black-ops that he wanted to do but never had the time.

And you know what? He will probably do more good for more people as a hugely successful philanthropist anyway. So it was a good call not only for him and his family but for all of us as well.

Thank you Jason Borne. And I still wanna take you to prom even though you have mustard in your beard. I find it endearing. In a totally bro kind of way.

By-the-by… Jason Borne didn’t give me a red damn cent for this blog post. I approached him because I knew his story, found him inspirational, and think he is Insurgent AF. So there.

Thanks for reading,


P.S #1: Jason Borne supports the following charities: The Boot Campaign and Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.). I highly recommend you do the same. Or else. Once I figure out how to do it I’m gonna post a link on my website.

P.S. #2: Jason Borne also chose supplements because you can market them via e-commerce, and he thinks e-commerce is the shit. Because the overhead is low and you can do it from the comfort of your home. He and I share an affinity for working from home. Because you can do it in your underwear. With beer. Oh, and afternoon delight. He didn’t actually say that in the interview but I am going to go ahead and make a giant assumption on behalf of men across the world and say that afternoon delight is a bennie of working from home (FF#3). Yeah. It is.

Fun Facts:

1. “Moto-tats” are tattoos that are motivational in nature. For example, bullets and skulls and guns. And anything that has to do with the Marine Corps.

2. HALO-drop is to skydive into enemy territory from a really long f-ing way in the air. Like, needs an oxygen mask high. HALO stands for High-Altitude, Low Opening.

3. Google it. Afternoon Delight. Just be careful from a government or workplace computer.