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The Insurgency is not about the money. It’s about the cause.

When our great nation’s founding badasses got together a couple hundred years ago, I do not imagine the conversation revolved around money.    George W: Hey Ben, Tommy, John A, Hancock, gather round, I’ve got this great idea. Let’s spin off from Great Britain. We could crush it and make it rain dollar bills. As…

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Cool name dude, but… what is it?

What is an Insurgent Capitalist, you ask? What does an Insurgent Capitalist do? Man those are great questions! Well… it’s, uhhhhh… ummmmmm. Hold on a minute. After I published my last blog post, I stumbled across this great name and great concept: Insurgent Capitalist. I got positive feedback on the blog post and the idea.…

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Trying to reinvent myself… again

So I quit my job a few weeks ago. What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Actually, it was a good idea. And it still is. The problem I face now is that I have to rebrand myself, again. Conversations with friends, family, and acquaintances occur as follows…  …

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