About the Author

Dustin Hammit wrote this bio about Dustin Hammit. In 3rd person. Using his full name the whole time. Yeah. He’s that guy.

Dustin Hammit is a Texan who comes from Texas and is damn proud of it. He was born in Austin and raised in Georgetown, TX. He went to Texas A&M, got a sweet pair of riding boots, and left with a piece of paper that hangs on a wall. Whoop! After college, he joined the Marine Corps because Marines are awesome, have the best uniforms, and always get the girls. He went to a lot of places and did some stuff. Then he left the active duty Marine Corps and did a corporate job for a year before deciding that desks and offices suck. So he became a cop. Then he decided that working for politicians sucks. And he has control issues and always wants to do things his way. So he stopped being a cop. Now he writes about breaking free of the grind and living life his own way. He interviews awesome people. He hustles. He wheels. He deals.

Dustin Hammit is somehow still married to the most understanding and patient woman in the entire world. Together, they spawned 4 more just like him (I mean, they’re like clones. It’s eerie). He likes Texas Aggie Football, farming (no really), sunsets, scotch, and long walks on the beach. He is also sarcastic. He has been described as abrasively entertaining. By himself. Do NOT give him shots of Wild Turkey. He becomes very obnoxious. Like, way more than normal. Way more. Don’t do it.

If you would like to shower Dustin Hammit with positive comments and affection, please email him at dustin@insurgentcapitalist.com. Negative comments and death threats can be emailed to kimjong-un@northkorea.gov. That is all.